Manager's Message

Dear All,
For Lon Watters once said that" A School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow in it."Parents, teachers, students and everyone associated with it play a significant role & contribute generously for a better tomorrow. Everyone's contribution is very much required for the best results. Here I wish to mention a reference from the Bible that would give us the right encouragement to work honestly and magnanimously. Psalm 127/1 says that: "unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain and unless the Lord watches over the city the guards stand in vain."Yes, when we work with unity and determination things will fall on our way and all our desired achievements shall follow after us. So when we work in conformity with that of God’s will our work will be based on honesty and dedication and our aim will be of great success.
In economics we study, "division of labour", which teaches us how important is everyone's contribution in making a final product similarly we need to work with one mind and heart to prepare our students for their bright future. Like a mother who gives unadulterated love and attention in full measure for the overall growth of her children. So we need to do justice to the tasks given to us. (Here when I say we I include teachers, parents and everyone who are associated to the school). We will have problems and difficulties which are bound to come on our way and are must for our growth so we have no option except to deal with right perspective and approach. We are privileged to have St. Jude as the Patron of our school whom we invoke when we are lost with no option or in hopeless situation. And certainly he will definitely be helped by him to solve all our problems. This is possible only when we realize that we are called individually to impart God’s wisdom to the children who have opted to educate themselves in our institute. So let us pull up our socks and keep our hands on the plough and go ahead and I am most certain that success is waiting for us the other end.
May Jesus our Lord and author of our lives bless us (teachers, parents, all the non-teaching staff and very specially our students) to perform well in everything we do here at St. Jude's Academy.

Your affectionate Manager,

Fr. Aniyan Joseph (Manager)
St. Jude's Academy.