Our Patron - St. Jude

Our logo is made up of cross, fire and three letters 'SJA'. Cross: Cross stands as a sign of victory over pride and sins because cross was a sign of humiliation and notorious criminals were killed while hanging on the cross by the Romans. The same way our Lord and Master Jesus, though he was the Son of God, was crucified, died and on the third day he was risen from the dead. Therefore, cross became a symbol of victory over pride and sin.

Fire (Agni/ Holy Spirit/ Atman): who creates, sustains protects the universe and also came to enlighten the disciple of Jesus. That's why we can see this Spirit on the head of St. Jude as a fire. SJA: The three letters 'SJA' stand for service, justice and achievement. These three letters make folded hands which stand for swagatam or welcome. These symbols are the hands of children of St. Jude's Academy, who all worship their God, the Almighty.