Happy New Year to you all and a very warm welcome to 2020, which I believe will be a year of increased blessings for all of us.
As we start a new year, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our students and staff members who contribute to making the St. Jude's the vibrant centre of intellectual, cultural and sporting activity that it is all year round. Let us thank God for all the manifold blessings He showered upon each one of us especially upon our institution.
A new year always ushers in the sense of renewal – a renewal of purpose and collective commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to our community. With this comes the firm resolution to achieve desired results and meet deliverables. I am enthused by the many exciting initiatives for our Campus that are in the pipeline, all of which are intended to meet the tertiary education needs of our students.

January is always about fresh beginnings and positive change. I love the promise of the New Year and all the possibilities that it offers for our children here at St. Jude’s Academy and the potential for great achievement that eachNew Year holds for their future. John F. Kennedy was once quoted as saying, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future…”Apart from writing to welcome you and all of our students back to school, I wish to let you know that we at St. Jude’s Academy are still fully committed to working with you, our parents and to creating a better future for our children. As part of this process, change is inevitable and I am appealing to you to bear with us when it seems as though things are changing in a way or at a rate that we do not always understand. There is definite method in our apparent madness!
So once again, it is with the renewed hope and optimism of the New Year and the new season that I welcome you back to school and wish you all a very happy, healthy, successful and prosperous 2020, on behalf of the Management and staff of the School. Thank you for your continued support and May God bless all of us.

A New Year Prayer

Holy Father, God of our yesterdays, our today, and our tomorrows. We praise You for Your unequalled greatness. Thank You for the year behind us and for the year ahead. Help us in Your new year, Father, to fret less and laugh more. To teach our children to laugh by laughing with them.To teach others to love by loving them. Knowing, when Love came to the stable in Bethlehem, He came for us. So that Love could be with us, and we could know You. That we could share Love with others. Help us, Father, to hear Your love song in every sunrise, in the stories of our old folks, and the fantasies of our children. We pray for peace, for light, and for hope, that we might spread them to others. We accept Your gift of a new year and we rejoice in what's ahead, depending on You to help us do exactly what You want.

Rev. Fr. KulandaiSamy R
St. Jude's Academy.